The Studio Project, Part One

Let’s start this epic story at the very beginning. Years ago, there was a studio in Boston (Davis Square, Somerville, actually) that was built around a nice large-format Soundcraft TS-24 analog console. It also included a pretty respectable arsenal of analog synths and some classic outboard. About the time I moved to Los Angeles all this equipment went into storage, a process which included completely disassembling the desk. For years it all languished in a basement in New Hampshire … such a shame! But this year Amy and I decided to do something about it: a plan was hatched to fly to Boston, unearth all this gear, and bring it all back to LA where we could build out a proper old-school analog (as well as digital-hybrid, of course) studio, here at the Brewery.  Continue reading →

In The Footsteps of the Beat Poets

Maybe it would be worthwhile to say something about why we think Beat poets are interesting? Is there a way in which their philosophy intersects with aspects of our Manifesto? What better way to investigate these ideas and celebrate Beat culture than with a proper road trip? While the Beat scene is more often associated with the East Coast and New York City in particular, there is a strong California Beat history (it’s notable that Beat poetry readings began on the West Coast), so there are plenty of landmarks within driving distance … from downtown Los Angeles heading north to Morgan Hill, San Francisco, then east to Nevada City (we originally planned to cross the mountains to Truckee, but the pass was closed by snow).  Continue reading →

Terminus Festival

The trip to Calgary to play the Terminus Festival of course included some wandering around the city in search of good Canadian beer and old vinyl.  It was great to see our friends from Agent Side Grinder again (it had been a year since we played with them at Wave Gotik Treffen) and one of our favorites Kite, too! Continue reading →

The Complete Present Moment

We produced a limited-edition 2-CD set to accompany the Indiegogo campaign for our 2015 European tour and Wave Gotik Treffen performance. This was a compilation of the complete catalog of The Present Moment material, accompanied by a booklet of lyrics and some other extras. Every package was signed by the live crew from the tour: Scott, Garey, and Simon.  Continue reading →

CRUEL Special Edition Fabrication

This is the special edition  CRUEL record we fabricated here in our DTLA shop. The front panel is laser-cut MDF painted flat black, the back panel is clear polycarbonate. It’s assembled with four aluminum bolts. The lovely 12″ 180g blue vinyl (pressed here in El Segundo by Bill Smith) is visible through the front panel cut-out. Very few of these were made so if you acquired one you can consider yourself fortunate! Continue reading →