The Studio Project, Part Two

We had a van full of vintage recording studio equipment; we had to get from New England to Los Angeles. This was a serious mission (failure could be very expensive!) but we were determined to have some fun and exploration (including seeking out some proper breweries) along the way.

The itinerary was as follows: from New Hampshire to Connecticut to pick up a few more items (including Amy’s grandfather’s vintage kick drum). Then a big push to Nashville, and Dallas. Next up was Marfa, Texas where we planned to stay for a day or two. Finally, Santa Fe to Monument Valley and down to LA … 

New England

We hit the road on April 1st. First stop was for picking up the very important drum, and visiting Pizza J the Revival Brewery downstairs tasting room ..

Nashville to Dallas

We wanted to start off the road trip by putting some distance between us and New England. So we set our sights on Nashville, where we had a friend’s place to crash.


The city was founded in the early 1880s as a water stop. Today, Marfa is  a major center for Minimalist art (Wikipedia). It’s also a major center for pizza: it was absolutely necessary that our travel plans allowed for arrival before closing time at the Pizza Foundation.

We spent a day or so here at the Thunderbird

Santa Fe

Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return and Duel Brewing

Monument Valley

One last “vacation day” with some impressive scenery

Los Angeles

Back at the Brewery, pulling the van into the shop to unload … at Peter’s mother’s request, we recreated the “champagne toast”to celebrate the successful completion of the road trip …

Now the project of reassembling the TS-24 and rebuilding the studio begins

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