The Continual Return – Saturn Notes

It is a darkened theater, or maybe it’s a carnival tent; (“the lights go down, the stage is set…”) … then, a spotlight, and a figure appears on the stage (or the center ring): a man, dignified (if perhaps slightly eccentric) in appearance – formally dressed (but perhaps in a vaguely anachronistic style) … maybe he has a top hat, a cane, maybe he’s dressed like the MC of a cabaret, in a tuxedo (it may be that each member of the large audience perceives him in a different way!) … he waits a moment for the crowd to quiet down … then in a serious, but enthusiastic manner – expressing gravitas, but also an invitation to mystery and wonder – he announces that the show is about to begin …

… then, at the very end, as the show fades to darkness and silence, he appears once more, with parting words for the audience as they are about to depart the venue and resume their normal, everyday lives …

( … maybe there might also be something at the end of track 11 … a sort of, “folks, that’s the end … oh, but wait … there’s more …” … as this is really The End … but then we are called back in Reality Drive … )

… all this is Saturn, but not one of the manifestations of Saturn that appear in any of the iterations of M. Ordinaire’s journey, rather this is Saturn in the here and now speaking directly to the audience – a meta-Saturn, if you will …


Attend, attend

Prick up your ears

And I will tell you a tale

Spanning lifetimes and years

Here is a podcast

Of a man’s deeds and desires

Of his quantum choices

Of madness and twisted wires

His astrology encrypted

And hidden from view

Only pyramids and shadows

Know the things that he’ll do

The Yin and the yang

The Ones and the zeroes

The Murderers and knaves

The Lovers and heroes

So come now, attend!

To our humble song and narration

As we strive to YOU attune

A more cosmic Vibration!


  • Saturn opens the ceremonies (Saturn addresses the audience)
  • You’re so pleased to meet me, I’m the One who’s been Winding Time
  • My Lords and Ladies of the Upper Dimensions and Assorted Continuums. 
  • We play marbles with mortals. 
  • So presented for your consideration. 
  • A species of man. One of quintillions. But this one is rather interesting. We can’t get him to move off the dime, no matter what we try. 
  • A Pyramid? Yes, yes, we tried that. He even understood it! But no, he refused to use it. And he never told anyone about it.
  • He’s like a god of the ordinary, never wavering from the middle of the road. 


  • The Aqualung speaks here. 
  • “That’s a fine horse. His name is Rocket? Why? Do you plan on riding him to the stars?”
  • “Alive again, a new skinsuit. This one is rather handsome.
  • But ignorant. Foolish. One of the bewildered herd.” 
  • Will he regain his knowledge? Or will this be a ‘Blip Life’, where nothing get accomplished?

L’Histoire du Bal Aristocratique (The Continual Return)

  • A trip through history
  • 1967 psychedelics
  • Steam engine
  • Modern computer
  • Hippie: “Wow … we’re all one being, man! There’s only one of us here!”
  • “You start to notice synchronicities. Your birthday 11:12 on a clock face, on a calendar, on a train schedule. Do they have meaning? Or are they simply random happenstance?”
  • “The 1’s and 0’s of a modern computer are the yin and yang of the iChing reborn. WIth these, you can perform calculations of the soul.”
  • 50’s filmstrip voice: “Software is a spell. Hexes are hexadecimal curses. Silicon wafers flow with the speedy interplay of light and darkness, of 1’s and 0’s. Are computers science or merely enchanted metal?”
  • “Yes, he’s waking up. Yes, he’s finding the hidden knowledge he left for himself in previous lives. In fact, he’s now reading a book he himself wrote four hundred years ago!”
  • “He’s been his own great grandchild many times over.  He keeps returning to this specific gene pool, this same family. And he keeps re-inheriting the same wealth, so he’s at least gotten good at that.” 

A Victorian Passage

  • Looking sharp.
  • “Yes, he has a lover.  The same woman sometimes, sometimes a different one. We’ve tried a couple. Someone might get our stubborn mule to budge. The one from 1503? No, no we stay away from her. Besides, she’s moved on and he hasn’t.” 
  • He feels his power returning. 
  • “He’s piecing together the great mysteries once again. Reading the ancient texts, the psychological tracts, the alchemy, and the most modern and latest science.”
  • He’s awakening within the dream.
  • “Welcome aboard, M. Ordinaire. That suit is a cracker if I may say so, sir. Have we met before? Well, I’ve ferried many over the years. Who can say? I might ask you, ‘Which one’s Pierre?’”
  • He is going to Egypt, to try his hand at the Pyramid. 


  • The madness is caused by Pierre going into the King’s Chamber, like Napoleon, and staying for the night. He is attempting a ‘light lift’. 
  • French voice: “Napoleon once spent the night alone in the King’s Chamber. He emerged the next morning, white and shaken. He would not speak of what happened, and instructed his men never to mention it again.”
  • You can’t reach for the Light, unless you’re ready. 
  • “The higher vibrations will lift or burn you. The Pyramid accelerates both. If you’re not ready, it will drive you mad.” Laughter.

Light Lift 

  • This is the attempt in the Pyramid
  • 50’s FIlmstrip: “The word Pyramid literally means ‘fire in the middle’. As you lay in the King’s Chamber, a fire-light floods your veins like molten gold. You feel your bones crackle and your flesh fizz. Then, you either jump to a higher valence, or you lose your mind.”
  • “You go mad because you get just a wink of the beyond, of what might have been — and this world becomes instantly intolerable.”  
  • “A Pyramid focuses the aetheric, scalar energy emitting from exactly 19.5 degrees of surrounding spherical planetary masses.”
  • “Matter snaps into a new higher density. The laws of physics actually change. Telling a lie becomes a physical impossibility.”
  • “In an instant, you see yourself as you really are. All truths are laid bare. The everyday, casual lying you do to yourself is exposed. You’re a raw live wire.”

The Turning Point

  • Failure, madness
  • “Everything is lost. It was all for naught!”
  • “Rage, rage, rage!”


  • “You reached for the secret too soon, now you must pay the price.” 
  • 30’s guy: “You had the gall to play around with ancient vibrational technology that’s only half-working. You know, you’re lucky that it’s drifted so far out of stellar alignment over the past millenia. Why, if you’d gotten the full blast, you’d be dead right now.”
  • Aqualung: “You’re out on the street now with me, eh? Your soul scalded, your brain burned? All alone?”

Thursday’s End

  • We’ve failed, so what now?
  • Pierre starts to plan for the next life. 
  • He conceives a plan to hide his knowledge in a way that only he can understand. He plans to inherit it from himself by becoming his own descendant — as he has done before. 
  • “In his lucubrium, he studies Chaldean Numerology to learn how best to transmit his ancient knowledge to a future version of himself.”
  • “In the pit of failure, all we can do is plot and plan for our next rise.”
  • “Slowly, secretly, in the darkness he began to conceive of a new way he might yet succeed.”
  • “A new plan starts to form, a new way to win …”
  • Commentary from the gods: “But he’s already done this! This is what he did the last time!” “Yes, but he has changed now. Next time may be different.”
  • “A treasure map. Encrypted with the iChing and placed on a hidden server. Only one born of a certain star can find the IP address and decrypt it.”

Deus Ex Silentium 

  • Here he dies.
  • So this tune is a requiem 
  • There is an elegy:
  • “A great man is gone. He was the best of us. He was the worst of us.”
  • Aqualung: “The grave opens its mouth to kiss us. The taste of soil, the taste of moss.”
  • But Death is not terrible. “The Universal Mind is merciful: you can always try again. Nothing is final.”
  • “Tell us what happened inside the Pyramid!” “No. You would never believe me.”
  • “All he loved and all who loved him. But also some who hated him and whom he hated.”
  • “Long long ago … you lost your wife and your daughters three. Well here they are, ready to greet you again.”

Reality Drive

  • Theme is hope, recharging.  At rest and gathering strength for the next cycle. 
  • Death has occurred. But it’s not bad.
  • “Reality is a learning machine.”
  • “There is a purpose. We know that now. It’s not random”
  • Egyptian / Siren voice: “Beneath raging chaos is a sublime, perfect order. Everything happens exactly as it should, and if you look closely enough, you will see that this is so.” (Marcus Aurelius) 
  • “The pixels of the universe are 1’s and 0’s, yin and yang. And they are perfectly ordered clockworks. All is arranged. It’s just meant to look chaotic, to give us a free choice. There is to be no hint of coercion.” 
  • “The treasure has been prepared and buried. The maps have been dispatched to the four corners. We can sleep now, knowing that it is all ready for the next go.”


  • No idea what to do here


Now the curtain closes

On our hero and friend

Just an ordinary man

And his ordinary end

The Great Wheel turns

And Time’s tempest recedes

The radio changes channels

And static, from the speaker, bleeds

We pray we’ve been worthy

Of your generous attention

Of your mind’s scalar waves

Folded in higher dimensions

And now, we bid you adieu

And terminate this stream

But last we speak directly to you:

Awaken, awaken within the dream!

Innocence Redux

  • This is a Life Review
  • Everything is examined
  • Motionless within the course of history’s design.
  • The designed Chance Circumstance is meant for your growth, yet you remain motionless within it. 
  • Sneakers caught on a high power line
  • Merlin encased in ice
  • Locked out of the server by a forgotten root password
  • Aqualung: “Why are you hiding? What are you waiting for?” “You don’t even see your own reflection.”


  • Newspaper boy 1930’s
  • Mysterious Egyptian 
  • Aqualung // Drunkard old English man // No dark side of the moon really
  • Shakepearean Bard / Minstrel In the Gallery
  • The Captain on Victorian Passage
  • 50’s Filmstrip Instructor
  • Q Continuum / Upper Dimensional Council Leader

Every life starts like a morning. 

You shake off the dew, and greet the sharp, bright new world. 

You think that you’re as-yet-unformed, but that’s not really true: the deeper parts of you remain the same, always. 

Will you get it right on this go? Is THIS ONE the time? The Diamond Body of Chinese Alchemy awaits.

Or perhaps that’s just rubbish. 

Or maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s true and the best thing we can do is take as much as we can, whenever we can. 

The circle and the pyramid are the two power structures: one cooperative, all serving all; and the other, a hierarchy of dominion, all serving one. 

The pyramid is violent and volatile but provides exquisite delights to the one who rules it. The circle grows exponentially in stability and power with each new addition, but all must trust all. 

Fates are ruled by planets because higher dimensional energy escapes spherical bodies at exactly 19.5 degrees in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The intersectional interaction of these escaping scalar waves is what produces what we perceive as chance circumstance.  

Some call this the singing of the Sun. 

We are reborn under a certain star, because that specific celestial configuration corresponds to the set pieces best suited for our growth. 

We then wax or wane as we are able. 

Synchronicity machines can be used to navigate where we are in the process, a sort of Astrolabe of the soul. 

The universe is a learning machine. Whatever you do, is done to you. So you learn to stop doing it, or you learn cleverer ways to keep on doing it. 

You can escape some karmic responsibility by informing your victim of what you intend to do to them, and get them to assent to it, even if at a subconscious level, and even if this assent is not explicit but rather only a lack of willingness to resist.


Welcome back, my friend

My Lords and Ladies, we open this trial 

We bow low to the Magistrates

Concordantly, with flourish and style 

You’re in a sticky situation, and here are facts

You never make The Choice so you always bounce back

You might be clever, you might be wise

And you never really fall, but you never really rise

And although technically none of this is really a crime ….

Well I’m so pleased to meet you 

You’re the One who’s been winding Time

Quite right!

Time to end all the partying and less serious things

To the task at hand! And the Work that it brings

(laughing) No one ever escapes my Crown made of Rings

You’re a walking contradiction, a curse and a benediction

You’re a supersonic, half-bionic doc for our affliction

Each deed balanced by equivalent in opposite  

You’re a patchwork, man: diametrics packed in composite

Black ray of sunshine, joke with no punchline

But also brilliant and resilient, and you come through in a crunch-time

You’re a man, you’re a myth, you’re a legend in the land

You’re a cannibal, a charlatan, a philanthropist and friend

You’re a buzzsaw in a flower, you’re ice cream made of bees

You’re a hemorrhaging contusion at an afternoon of tea

You’re all these things at once, but how can that be?

Long, long ago, in 1503 

You lost your wife and daughters three 

The rampage you went on was sinister and vile

But your subsequent kindness brought thousands of smiles

As the years rolled by, you traveled to Giza

You unlocked the Pyramid — but then you hoarded its secret

You amassed dizzying wealth and then gave it away

And then you murdered your rivals and balanced the scales

Service to others, or service to self

This is your Conundrum, your poverty and wealth

For each and every action, you offer a retraction

Well my friend, I hope you’re feeling justified

But I can’t believe the way we decide about you 

Every chance you’re given, every sin you’re shriven

They all just go get multiplied

I’m tired of waiting, anticipating

It all comes down to fear

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here